“Old princeton” DOCUMENTS


Henry Treat obtained the land patent from the U.S. government for the original plat of Princeton in June 1849. It was signed by President Zachary Taylor on March 1, 1850.

While his brother obtained the land east of the Fox River, Princeton founder Royal Treat obtained preemption rights for nearly 150 acres west of the river. The patent was granted in 1852 after the former Menominee Indian land had been surveyed and was signed by President Franklin Pierce on Nov. 9, 1854.

John Knapp, the third settler to reach Treat’s Landing, obtained the patent for nearly 160 acres just north of the Treats’ land.

Nelson Parsons, meanwhile, purchased about 160 acres south of the original plat and east of the river through the state Board of Public Works in October 1849. (Listing is near bottom of page.) The land included the future Parsons’ Addition and the Parsons & (Henry) Treat addition.


The Wisconsin Legislature in 1850 authorized Princeton founder Royal Treat to build a bridge over the Fox River.


The Wisconsin Legislature authorized a group led by Davis Waite to dig a canal connecting the Mecan River to the Fox River at Princeton.


The Wisconsin Legislature granted Princeton a special charter to incorporate as a village in 1865.

The Legislature repealed and replaced the original charter in 1867 after a judge ruled that the village marshal did not have the authority to serve a court order on the village president. The original charter did not outline duties of village officials other than president and trustees.

The state has two documents with different dates regarding its incorporation as a city in 1920.


Princeton Township, formerly Pleasant Valley Township, was formed in 1852.

The Marquette County Board of Supervisors OK’d the name change in November1852.

Pleasant Valley Township was formed as part of Marquette County in 1849.