The illustration at top is included in the 1860 map of Green Lake County. The bottom photo was taken June 26, 2020.

The house at 814 Harris Street was owned by David M. Green when the illustration above was done for the 1860 map of Green Lake County.

Much of the land across the street, which was then known as the Harrisville Road, was part of the nursery and orchard of Alvin and Waldo Flint.

David Green was an early settler in Marquette and Princeton. He dealt in lumber, grain, dry goods and, for a while, sewing machines, owned the Princeton mill and mill ditch for several years – and made significant improvements to both, moved buildings here from St. Marie in the 1860s, helped build a stone store at 544 West Water Street in 1868 and played a key role in bringing the railroad to Princeton in 1872.

He and brother Gardner Green, who built the folklore museum building at 630 West Water Street in 1876 and the buildings at 623 and 627 West Water in 1883, probably aren’t among the better known early settlers celebrated in local histories, but they played important roles in the growth of Princeton.

If your house has an interesting history, please let me know.

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  1. Thank you Roger, avidly I read every word of all of your emails. My family history is buried somewhere in records unseen for many years too and the families , homes and businesses you write about were associates and friends of the Yahr’s. There are few natural historians among us and I am truly grateful for you! PS In Milwaukee we have one such as yourself: Mr. John Gurda. He has a wonderful story and he and I are acquainted. Richard A . Yahr. 414-351-5142

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