Here’s a brief “Old Princeton” trivia challenge. It’s not a contest, since there are no prizes other than knowing you’ve learned a little more about unimportant Princeton history.

This is information you most likely would never know unless you stumbled across them while reading early editions of the Princeton Republic in your spare time. Not highly likely, right? I have not seen any of them mentioned in previous area histories, and while the answers are all in the book, none of them warrants a headline.

And this is truly trivia. None of these people influenced Princeton’s history in any way. They just stopped in for a brief visit.

Also, keep in mind my research only goes through 1939; so should your answers. Each question is its own slideshow. (No cheating by going backward in slides!)

So let the games begin:

Question No. 1

Question No. 2

Question No. 3

Question No. 4

Thanks for playing, and thanks for caring and reading about local history.

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